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Why a Custom Made Tshirt is a Great Business Decision

Custom printing is playing an increasingly important role for businesses, large and small and there are good reasons why. There are a lot of printing services to choose from but doing some research is worth the effort. Here is a look at why custom t-shirts create an advantage for your business over your competition who does not.

Creating comfortable uniforms

In a setting where it is appropriate to dress somewhat casually, t-shirts with branding and a logo on them are a great way to create a uniform for your employees. With custom made tshirt options your workers have less wear and tear on their own clothing, do not have to think about what to wear and as they go to and from work they are marketing for you and representing your business. They are comfortable, can be original and come in all sizes to fit all shapes. Tucked in they look smarter, especially if paired with slightly more formal bottoms, it means they are not roasting on hot days, and you can even use them to show who is managerial and who are in sales.

Using them for marketing purposes

A big part of wanting to invest in printed t-shirts is the marketing opportunity they offer. A lot of businesses can have them made and then give them away as rewards to loyal customers, as prizes on social media, as gifts at conferences. With more people wearing your logo as well as your employees, you are advertising your business wherever they go with very little costs involved and little effort once that initial printing is ordered. You can use writing to create a catchphrase of some kind, an image for your logo, your business name. In some cases, you could even have your address or your website on it. For as long as those people wear those t-shirts you get more marketing.

Creating a team

People wearing the same t-shirts create a team feeling. Whether it is for a sporting team, graduating class, or a corporation, wearing the same t-shirts unites them. As well as making your employees easier to identify at large events, it can encourage them to work together and be more productive as a result. It does not cost much to boost team morale with a custom made tshirt either.

To sell and give away as merchandise

Custom printing is a great way to get creative and come up with something people appreciate and then link to you and your business in a positive way. If it looks great and is a decent t-shirt you can even give them away or sell them and people are happy to wear them not just as a one-off, but as a part of their usual casual wardrobe. They might even become return customers and ask you about when your next design is out. They then become loyal customers and will praise your business to others. You get not just marketing but a good reputation this way.

Should I use a website agency or freelance web developer?

When embarking on getting a new website you may be wondering whether to use a website freelancer or website agency.

A website agency is likely to have an all bells and whistles website with lots of marketing spiel and a long list of projects they have worked on. They may also have worked with more high-profile businesses, with an array of positive testimonials from many happy clients. A quick look at the Meet the Team page will further portray the image of a professional set-up with a well put-together team to handle any requirement you may have. This may well lead to think that you will get a better service from a website agency and that the end product will be superior to that created by a freelance developer. In many cases this idolism may well be the reality and the decision to use a website agency will be perceived as being the right one.

Let’s not forget, however, that a website agency will most likely have a marketing team with a sizeable budget to promote their services. This allows them to create that large professional website showcasing their vast array of services and documenting their every step to success. It also gives them more of a leg up when it comes to attracting business from the larger more well-known companies. Furthermore, with having a team of web developers they can churn out more websites at greater speed, therefore creating an impressive portfolio, with an array of (hopefully) positive reviews to instil trust in their services.

What’s important to remember though is that all this comes at a cost. An agency will often have large overheads and these costs inevitably get pushed onto the customer in one way or another. This often means that you’ll pay more for a website when using an agency, with many being lured in by the glossy marketing and sales talk and the premise that you’ll be receiving a better service.

The reality is that although their may be a team of developers at the agency, your project will be most likely to assigned to just one developer. That developer will work set office hours and so contacting the developer outside of office hours could well be an issue. Some agencies may also insist on a support ticket being logged for any communication required and it could be days before that ticket is dealt with.

A freelance developer should not only be cheaper than an agency, but you may also find that you receive a better service as they aren’t confined to set office hours and are keener to provide a great service to establish a good reputation. It should also be easier to contact a freelance developer, with no switchboard to navigate or support ticketing system in place. When using a freelance developer, you are not just another product on the assembly line so you tend to be more valued as a client, even though you are likely to be paying less for the site.