Marketing: The Blood for All Business

When it comes to any business, the value of strategic marketing, the blood for all business, cannot be ignored. Marketing covers planning, SWOT analysis, consumer behavior, budget and the other factors that affect how the company’s goods appeal to the target customers. Without it, people would not know that a product or service exists, what it is about, and if it is a necessity or want. What is important is to include the consumer in the definition, as without it, there would not be any business at all.Marketing has many definitions, but the most common is that it is the process of identifying and distributing the products and services that offer a value to the consumer. It also means building and maintaining the customer’s relationship with the business. It is what defines a business and differentiates it from others.Importance of MarketingNo business should be without someone in charge of marketing. In fact, no business would ever get off the ground without a good marketing plan. Identifying the product itself is already a step in marketing. The target customers should also be identified along with details on demographics, attitudes and perceptions, and purchase behavior. Then, the product is matched with the target market information. This ensures that consumers will actually buy the company’s products. The marketing plan also includes steps on how to retain these customers and keep them loyal to the brand. But, there’s more to marketing than these steps. Effective marketing needs to be strategic.What makes strategic marketing the blood for all business enterprises is that it keeps the customers coming. Clearly, marketing is a process and it should serve as a guide for making decisions on everything about the product/s. The process has to be continuous and resources should be allocated to it. The goal of strategic marketing is to help the company achieve its revenue targets among others.Here are some more of the benefits that clearly underscore the importance of strategic marketing for businesses:1. Marketing Allows the Company to Quickly Adapt to Changes – part of strategic marketing requires that the business keep abreast of developments in the industry and in the economic environment it operates in. This way, it will be ready to grab opportunities or to steer clear of hurdles when they present themselves. Being prepared for contingencies is one of the elements of an effective strategic marketing plan. Whether the changes are positive or negative, a good marketing plan should allow the company to make the most out of the situation.2. Marketing Keeps Businesses Competitive – a SWOT analysis is an essential part of a strategic marketing plan. This involves the identification of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These are often reviewed vis-à-vis the competitive landscape. Marketing intelligence is necessary to scope out the competition and find out why consumers are buying their products. The challenge in improving the company’s products and services is to avoid being labeled as copycats. The trick to capturing the competitors’ market share as well is to “top” what they are offering with better product benefits or features.3. Marketing Stimulates Sales Faster – more than advertising, it is marketing that actually keeps the cash register ringing. Advertising can only do so much when it comes to attracting customers. Marketing is the one that compels them to buy and to keep on buying the products. Marketing comes up with the right packaging, pricing, and promotions to stimulate sales faster.Marketing InitiativesThroughout the marketing process, there are several initiatives that can be included. A marketing plan is usually drawn up as part of the annual business plan. The marketing plan for the coming year is usually based on the previous year’s plans unless the business wants to undertake drastic changes in response to market, industry, or environmental developments. Among the marketing initiatives that are detailed in marketing plans include: tapping new market segments, exploring new market areas, repackaging products, developing and launching new products, and holding promotions for products that need a little push.To come up with these initiatives, the marketing departments do research either through their own in-house team or by hiring an external research agency. The scope of research requirements could vary depending on what initiatives the company would like to explore. Benchmarking studies are common for businesses offering services. Focus group discussions on user attitudes and interests and surveys on product preferences and usage are usual for products selling fast moving consumer goods. For reliable and usable research results, the objectives of the study should be in sync with the marketing goals as well.Businesses should understand that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing. Each business should be clear about what its goals and objectives are and should tailor-fit its marketing plan accordingly. It needs to be clear about its target market and come up with creative ways to meet their needs and wants. Only by making strategic marketing the blood for all business can real profits be generated and sustained over the long term.

Automotive Engineering Jobs

Knowledge Requirements
Automotive engineering encompasses mechanical and structural engineering and requires those working within the field to apply the principles of several scientific disciplines. These include physics, structural design, and materials analysis. Automotive engineering jobs also require a strong understanding of manufacturing principles and mechanical system design and operation methods.These engineers may also need to be knowledgeable in several other areas of engineering, including safety, power, electronics, and software. Many engineers working in the automotive field will specialize in a particular area, allowing them to become experts in their realm. This often results in higher pay and better job security.Project Leaders
Some of the most well educated, experiences, and skilled automotive engineers are those who are able to oversee projects in new business or product development. These automotive engineering jobs are responsible to leading a design, engineering and manufacturing team that take new products from conceptualization through production. Such engineering roles are highly compensated in the marketplace and also require candidates to have strong “soft” skills in addition to technical know-how.Communication and leadership are among the soft skills necessary for engineers to be successful in overseeing team-based automotive engineering development projects. While the job market is jam packed with highly skilled technical engineers, it is a wide open playing field for those with a more well-rounded skill set.Specialties in the Field
There are a number of specialized automotive engineering jobs to be found in the field. These positions may focus on a particular kind of system, structure or function of vehicles, or it may be a certain subset of vehicles.For example, an automotive engineer may specialize in the design of vehicle bodies, in which case he or she would be required to possess superior knowledge of structural design principles. Or, the engineer may specialize in the development of guidance or navigation systems, in which case he or she would need to be quite knowledgeable in computer science and software applications.Those engineering jobs that specialize in vehicle subsets may include the design, development, and manufacture of passenger or commercial, land-based transportation vehicles. The engineer may be an expert on passenger or transportation trains, motorcycles, school or public transit buses, passenger cars, or military transport vehicles.Regardless of the area in which the engineer specializes, he or she may also be an expert within that particular subsector of the automotive engineering field. This means that there are highly knowledgeable engineers who are able to design and develop new components, structures and systems for a specific kind of vehicle. For example, there are automotive engineering jobs that work only with the guidance systems found in military transport vehicles.

Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

If your tired old kitchen is in need of a face lift, it may be time to consider a full kitchen remodel from top to bottom. Remolding an outdated kitchen not only brings happiness for the here and now, it also adds value to a property for a future sale. Modern kitchens and bathrooms are the number one selling features to enhance the real estate sale price and should be attended to by a professional remodeler for cosmetic upgrades to functional kitchen improvements.The renovation time will vary according to the level of work that needs to be done. However, to get the job completed quickly and start enjoying your new kitchen, it’s best to have all the work coordinated by a general contractor. He or she will subcontract your new floor, cabinet installation, electrical updating, new windows, and get the painter in to add the finishing touch. In some cases, it may be financially necessary to tackle one task at time, but if you can get the entire renovation done with one phone, more power to you.When shopping for a contractor, be sure to check their references and get a clear cut written estimate before the work begins. Cutting corners with an unlicensed contractor will most assuredly cost you more in the long run when you have to hire a professional to correct shoddy and often dangerous work. Your home is your castle and nothing but the safest and most reliable contractor should gain access to your domain.If you are ready for a kitchen make-over and do not have a concept for what you want, no problem. Ask your contractor to suggest to you a new kitchen design that affords luxury and utility to maximize your living space. A professional remodeler can quickly size up your kitchen area to give you the most functional use of counter and cabinet space while bringing an aesthetic quality that is sure to please. The first step is the easiest when you pick up the phone and ask for help. Your professional contractor will be there to analyze your kitchen situation, provide premium work for your kitchen improvement and remodeling, and get the job done at the price you want to pay.