Travel Tips For Your Android Phone

When travelling you would want to have your smartphone with you, use it like you always do, have fun with it and generally refer to it for any query of life. The weather is fair and you want to visit a theme park, go out to the beach to sunbathe or simply gaze into the beautiful summer sky and do all this while chatting via 2go or uploading videos to YouTube using your phone. Well, you can do that and much more thanks to life of Android, a company in Britain that sacrificed some quality holiday time to come up with the following travel tips.Google TranslateImagine visiting a historical museum and some assistant is busy explaining about some artifact in his native language or a waitress desperately trying to make you understand that burgers are not sold there in Zulu language. Now you are probably from the Queen’s country or home of the brave and land of the free that is Britain and USA respectively, there is no way you can understand what the two are saying but with Google translate in your Android phone you can type whatever is said or what you want to say to them and you get it translated.WhereYour Android phone has an in-built GPS chip and it has an array of functions. People use it for updates about their locations in Face book, twitter and others. The GPS can also show which vicinity you are in for instance in restaurants at cinema halls or at the theme park. This app comes in handy when abroad. Suggested places to visit are usually calculated by a quick survey of what you like and in fact it is quite on point. You can also calculate which of the Petrol stations and ATM’s are nearest, that way you save time and enjoy your day.Trip JournalYou have gone to see the pyramids in Egypt and you also witnessed the migration of the wilder beasts in the Mara in Kenya. Wouldn’t it be great that your family and friends see what you experienced if they didn’t get to go with you? An Android app called Trip Journal lets you document the route, take videos, photos and notes then share them instantly using your social networks. A grave disadvantage though is that insecurities can arise because an ill intentioned person can easily know where you are and do you harm.Tripit – Travel organizerTravelling can sometimes be a hustle and you need to track your booking details, flight and hotel check in times and make sure they are in order. Tripit travel organizer gives you everything you need to know in one simple ‘bag’ with less effort from you. Download and then forward any confirmation emails onto an email of your desire, meaning that all your travel details can fit in your Android. Printouts for your travel details will be history with you as you save money on them and manage the environment by not littering.WikitudeThe camera and GPS on your smartphone work together with this app to give information about a certain specific place or structure you are near to. An augmented reality tour guide, this app is worth it and all you need to do is wave your phone infront of the Tajmahal or any other landmark for that matter and you will receive a heap of information about it.

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